Monday, March 19, 2007

I'm THIS close... losing it. In a recent post I outlined how the Democrats and the fifth column fourth estate are willing to do anything to see to it that we lose the war against terror. Even though I know this, it still staggered me and caused a near uncontrollable rage when I read that the New York Times (better known as Pravda-on-the-Hudson) reported about 300 counter demonstrators in D.C. at the anti-war protest this past weekend. According to the National Park Service, however, the Pro-America, Pro-Soldier demonstration outnumbered the surrender monkeys 30,000 to 10,000. That’s commonly known as 3-to-1. But the NYT will not tell the truth when it interferes with the achievement of their avowed goal.

Despite my outrage however, the good news here is huge. This is not 1968. Not even close. The baby-boomer, hippie re-treads are just trying to relive the one moment of their pathetic lives when they felt like people were listening to them. These people cannot grasp the fact that their self-centered, hedonistic generation has done irreparable damage to the social fabric of this nation.

They will be judged harshly.


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