Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Yeah, right.

Philadelphia mayoral candidate Tom Knox currently has a TV commercial running in which he promises to add 1000 police to the force to help combat crime.

Let's talk truth for a minute. As far back as the mid-90s, money was allocated for more police in urban areas. Nevertheless, only a few new officers were added.

The problem - which still exists - is this: The average Philadelphia Police Officer can, if he works it right, make over $100,000 a year milking the overtime system. If the city were to hire 1,000 new officers, many currently making a killing (so to speak) would lose a lot of money. That is why the Police Union WILL NOT PERMIT the hiring of 1,000 new officers. Oh, they may get 10, 20...let's go crazy and say 100. But this city will NOT hire anything near 1,000 new officers in anything less than 15 years.

My question to Mr. Knox - and indeed every candidate for mayor - is this: What are you going to do to break the union stranglehold on this city?

I'd like to ask the question just to see the bastards squirm.


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