Friday, February 16, 2007

What if...

What if it takes ten years, 1.5 Trillion dollars and 7,000 American lives to establish a stable, democratic Iraq?

What would we get for our expenditures?

An example that every democratic reformer in the middle-east could point to and say "there is our future". A working Iraq would pose a mortal threat to Iran's 'Mullah-cracy'. It would also prove that the Islamic middle-east is capable of and ready for a democratic form of government. This would serve as a catalyst for change throughout the region. Peace with Israel would finally have a chance and the area currently most likely to see the start of the Third World War would be remade into a stable, prosperous region.

THAT would be worth every penny and life - because down the line, the number of lives saved which otherwise would have been lost to terrorism or outright warfare will dwarf the numbers we see today.

A stable Iraq IS worth the cost and I can only hope that we do not repeat the mistakes of 1968-1974 by giving up when we could have won and repudiating our former ally.

The costs to us if we give up in Iraq will be enormous. We will be back there within ten years - losing a lot more people.

Let's do the right thing, now.


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