Friday, February 16, 2007

I'm certain now...

...that the Democratic Party has fully embraced and endorsed the idea that we cannot win in Iraq. In order to kow-tow to the lunatic fringe of their party, the leaders of the party MUST get us out of Iraq as quickly as they can.

Thus, be warned: No matter how successful our redesigned and reconfigured efforts in Iraq prove to be, the Democrats and their shills at NBC/CBS/CNN, et al. will not permit any positive news to make it to the public. They HAVE to have failure and they will now do anything - and I mean ANYTHING - necessary to leave Iraq by the election in November of '08.

Ladies and gentlemen, I greatly fear that we have already lost in Iraq because half of our body politic wants us to lose.

I am at a loss for words to describe my rage at this treachery. But, at the least, I will not be silent about this treasonous behavior.

I am most outraged that John Murtha, the traitor-in-chief, is from Pennsylvania. I can only pray that he dies before he gets any more of us killed by terrorists. May God damn him to eternal torment.


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