Wednesday, February 07, 2007

My Hero

It has been said by others, so I do not wish to claim originality or credit for it, I merely wish to reiterate that George W. Bush is my hero.

I cannot think of another President since Lincoln who was so vilified, so condemned, so HATED as this man.

In a time when political chameleons like Bill Clinton are praised as great statesmen, someone with a back-bone of steel is surely going to be viewed as an ideologically driven madman.

When strength of conviction is seen as proof of idiocy, we are in perilous times, indeed.

He has, by no means, been Jay Nordlinger of National Review has put it, we shall not see his like again for a long time. Love him or hate him, we will look back and wish for someone with whom you know where you stand.

I firmly believe that historians will look back at the year 2007 as a watershed: the year that human civilization moved decisively forward - or retreated headlong. At this writing, my money is on retreat.

May God bless and keep you Mr. President.


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