Thursday, February 08, 2007

Remember today

Today, the City Council of Philadelphia is likely to vote to ban the use of Trans Fats within the City of Philadelphia.

Let us remember:

In 2006 City Council banned smoking in interior public spaces.

In 2007 (probably) City Council will ban the use of Trans Fats in the preparation of foods sold in the City of Philadelphia.

Everyone knows that had they been able to, they would have banned the sale and possession of handguns in Philadelphia.

I want everyone reading this to ask themselves what is going to be the next tiny little bit of your freedom to be taken away from you - for your own good.

If you think that smoking and Trans fats are 'unusual' and that the council will stop banning things, think again.

This is but a taste of what the people inside City Hall have planned to make you healthier, thinner and generally more like their idea of a perfect citizen. If you don't like it...tough. This is for your own good - and since you obviously don't know what is good for you, we are going to make you do what's good for you - because, of course, we know better.

Between this and the militarization of the police force, I am going to stock WAY up on ammo.


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