Friday, February 02, 2007

What could happen

It is generally acknowledged that the majority of those who constitute the armed forces of this country are Caucasian, Christian, Capitalist people from middle America - what the liberal elites call "flyover country".

What is happening right now is that the socialist elites from the fringes of America and their propagandists in the main stream media are doing everything in their power to see to it that we lose the battle in Iraq. What will happen if we lose in Iraq is that we will also lose in Afghanistan and we will be forced onto the defensive in the war against religious fundamentalism.

What I foresee as not only possible, but in fact likely is this:

If we surrender in Iraq, it will be a repeat of our craven actions in Vietnam, where we were close to victory, but decided to lose instead. As with Vietnam, the loss will originate from – and be carried out by - the Socialist/Democrat Party. This will infuriate the armed forces because this time, our enemies will follow us home - and to every corner of the world. They will force us to withdraw from world affairs and to withdraw from the world economy. This will result in a cataclysmic economic collapse here in America – and throughout the world.

The Socialist/Democrat party will demand further socialism and power to alleviate the economic hardships that they caused. This will be met by opposition from “flyover country”. When these new policies fail – and are resisted by the people, our ruling political class will order the military to impose its policies on the populace. The military – comprised of those who were forced to capitulate against their will and those who still revere the Constitution and the capitalist system, will repudiate its solemn pledge to remain a-political and will enter politics in an unmistakable fashion in order to re-establish the rule of the Constitution.

We will have the second American Civil War. This time it won’t be North and South, but rather Left and Right.
Think: Spanish Civil War.

The Right will win and we will have a period of Military rule until the Constitution and its attendant institutions can be restored to their rightful role and primacy.

Dullards like Ted Kennedy will be packed off to a harmless house arrest for the rest of their lives – or perhaps banished from the U.S., while authoritarian fifth-columnists like Chuck Schumer and Hillary Clinton will be tried for their crimes.

I estimate casualties close to the number suffered 1861-1865.

Ayn Rand’s got nothin’ on me.


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