Tuesday, July 11, 2006

This is your wake up call...

I see where Al Qaeda has posted video of their atrocious desecration of the bodies of two of our soldiers.

If you hate the President, fine. If you think our efforts in Iraq were/are a mistake, great.


Anyone with even the tiniest shred of intellectual honesty MUST admit that the mindset of these people is such that no compromise with them is possible. Whether in Iraq or Indonesia - Bahrain or Borneo, it was inevitable that there would be a showdown between ourselves and these people.

Those who claim we should just retreat into fortress America and let the world tear itself apart without our input either don't know or wilfully ignore the lessons of the 1930s. We tried ignoring the world's problems before - and it only made it worse for us when we finally had to get involved.

This is war. It is already upon us. It is not the kind of war we've read about in our history books. It will require us to lower ourselves toward our enemy's level in order to win.

The great risk is that we will lower ourselves too far down to easily come back. That risk, like the struggle itself, is unavoidable.

My only hope today is that the bad guys hit us again - hard enough this time to shake us out of our complacent idiocy.

And when they do, I pray they hit the New York Times.


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