Friday, July 07, 2006

It's too much sometimes...

I take no pleasure in saying this, but:

I am firmly convinced that - short of a miracle - we will only truly begin to fight this war when the left shuts the hell up and gets out of the way. The only way that will happen is for us to get hit again. Sadly, I believe that we will have to lose at least 10,000 civilians for the left to sit down, shut up and let us win this war.

Once the people see that the left, through their hampering of our war effort, has caused the deaths of 10,000 civilians, the people of the United States will finally have the blinders ripped away and will demand that we do what we have to do to win – and it won’t be pretty. In 1945, despite a hopeless cause, only nuclear strikes (plural) stopped the fanatical Japanese and it may well be the case that similar measures will be needed to convince all of Islam to delouse itself of Islamo-fascist fanatics and those who create them.


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