Friday, July 07, 2006

U.S. v. Ned Lamont

I have been hearing a lot of yadda-yadda-yadda about the Lieberman-Lamont race in Connecticut.

At first I couldn’t understand why so many people were expending so much energy talking about one race. Then I noticed who was talking the loudest – the Kos/Atrios/Moveon/Sheehan-for-President crowd.

Then it began to make sense. The far left in this country is terrified – utterly terrified – that the people of the United States are going to repudiate - once again – their surrender-at-any-cost strategy for the war on terror. If Lieberman wins his primary in a state that the far left believes to be a safe-haven for them it will mean serious trouble for them and their message nationwide. However, a Democrat would still be in the Senate. What would be apocalyptic however would be for him to run as an Independent in the general election and win. Were he to do that, not only would it be a bitch-slap to their message, but it would be enormously damaging to the Democratic Party – the vehicle by which they expect to take power…and everyone would know who caused the damage. It might very well spell the end of their influence over the party.

Now that Zell Miller is gone, I cannot think of another Democrat that I’d consider voting for other than Joe L.

Go Joe!!!


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