Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Some facts that need to be remembered...

1. New Orleans was built - and is - below sea level. The fact that it hasn't been destroyed before now is a FLUKE.

2. We probably ought not rebuilt New Orleans for the reason cited in #1. However, we will because - as a species - we are both arrogant and stupid.

3. The City of New Orleans and the State of Louisiana had plans for emergencies such as we have just seen. No plan was implemented, let alone followed. Because ours is a federal republic, the local and state governments bear the responsibility for initiating evacuations and such. The response of both the city of New Orleans and the state of Louisiana was criminally inept.

4. Ours is a nation of laws, not controls. If certain people in New Orleans erupted into an orgy of looting and lawlessness, it is because they did not and do not possess a grasp on the idea of humanity or community. Those who defended their homes and businesses from such people with lethal force ought to be commended for maintaining at least a vestige of civilization.

5. Bureaucracy kills. It is the efforts of PRIVATE citizens via PRIVATE organizations such as the Salvation Army and the Red Cross that will make the most difference in the recovery from Katrina. We must remember that save for the armed forces, no publicly funded organization(s) has/have done anything to justify the tax dollars we have spent.

7. Dependence upon 'The State' is a recipe for anarchy. Since 1933 we have fostered the idea that 'The Government' can and will fix all problems. The result? No one feels any responsibility for themselves or their condition. We the people have allowed this condition to fester until a huge group of people in this country WILL NOT think for themselves because they've been taught not to. The result is a literally religious faith in a government which will always fail to uphold the impossible requirements of its worshippers. And, when failed by their God, the faithful erupt in unthinking violence. Since just 1964 we've spent TRILLIONS of dollars to alleviate poverty. Have we succeeded? Why then do you think that a federal governmental organ is going to prevent terrorist attacks or respond appropriately to a catastrophe? Even as we help them, the lower classes in this country must constantly be reminded that the government owes them NOTHING. In this way, perhaps, many of them can be weaned from the federal 'teat'.

These are the most rudimentary facts of which the Katrina catastrophe has reminded us. Others will become plain as time goes by.


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