Thursday, August 18, 2005

I'm not French!

I'm Belgian!!!

Recently, the entire Granada Television 'Poirot' series was released on DVD. I have become utterly obsessed with these mysteries.

While taking sizeable liberties with the books, these dramatizations are nonetheless very true to character of Agatha Christie's quirky Hercule Poirot. Because Ms. Christie wrote Poirot novels (as well as Ms. Marple and other mysteries) from 1917 until 1975, the settings of the books vary greatly. The TV series on the other hand has them all taking place in mid-1930's London and environs.

Brilliantly, they have focused, in almost every episode, on the Art Deco movement - and have made it as much a character as M. Poirot himself.

It is amazing to me how well this 80 year old style has held up. Whether in its architectural or interior design manifestations, it looks as fresh and inspiring today as it did in 1930.

It may be that, perhaps, my love for it is tinged with the optimism that it originally sought to portray.

The other thing about the mysteries that I find inspiring - because I cannot find its equal in today's society - is M. Poirot's insistence on Justice...the idea that there is right and wrong - and that wrong cannot be allowed to go unchecked, or at least unchallenged.


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