Monday, September 05, 2005

The truth will out...

With ever increasing rapidity, stories of people defending themselves, their families, friends and property are rolling in from New Orleans.

This graphic demonstration of personal defense against animal lawlessness is an utterly irrefutable argument against gun control.

To those who would argue that if people weren't allowed to have guns, then the bad guys wouldn't be able to use them, I point you to the experience of Great Britain - where hand guns were made illegal and confiscated - and where, now, the ONLY people with them are the criminals.

Between the experiences of Los Angeles in 1992 and New Orleans today, no rational person can argue that guns have no place in private hands.

When we are finally able to hear the complete story of Katrina, we will hear the story of the right to keep and bear arms being vindicated for the umpteenth time: not that gun-control proponents will listen, of course.


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