Thursday, August 18, 2005

Every once in a while...

Every once in a while a feel the need to remind my gentle readers that the right to keep and bear arms is equivalent to the right to life. As such, I can and will accept no arbitrary, foolish or shortsighted restrictions upon it. But, I understand that if I focus on just this one right, I'm likely to miss the erosion of other rights that form its underpinnings.

As an American, I am NECESSARILY the enemy of any government that attempts to restrict my rights.

When a government starts telling you how to live your life (for your own good, of course) by banning smoking, mandating helmet and seat belt use, where will it end? There are serious efforts under way in some municipalities to limit access to fast food.

Consider this: it is already impossible to go a week in this country without breaking a law. We are all criminals. Have you crossed against the light? Ridden your bicycle on the sidewalk? Have you failed to clean up after your dog? If so, YOU ARE A CRIMINAL, and the government can take your freedom away from you as easily as it has told you how much of your income you can keep.

Be aware of what's happening...that's all I'm saying.


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