Friday, February 15, 2008

God, grant them entry into thy kingdom...

Another shooting at a school. It's at moments like this that my belief in the right to keep and bear arms wavers...until I stop feeling and re-engage my mind.

Have you ever noticed that these things never seem to happen at gun clubs, hunting camps, police stations or military bases? The gutless, self-pitying pukes who commit these atrocities wouldn’t dare attack people they thought might actually defend themselves – because then they wouldn’t be able to properly make their “statement”. 100 years ago in this country, if you could see over the counter you could buy semi-automatic firearms virtually identical to those available today – and we had almost NO gun laws. Yet, this sort of thing didn't happen...DID. NOT. HAPPEN. In the old days, if someone had "had enough" they had the decency to just go out to the shed and end it all. Today...if you’ve failed, everyone else is to blame - so they must be made to pay. This sort of ‘reasoning’ is the end result of an 80 year process of removing people's responsibilities for themselves. And thanks to our glittering info-tainment industry, all the potential copy-cats, around the world, will hear about this guy within 4 hours and decide to get *their* faces on TV. Since guns are inanimate assemblies of metal, the idea of trying to “control” them is literally “pre-civilized”. And since there are probably about 200 millions of them in the U.S. today, the only thing we can change…is US.


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