Monday, September 24, 2007

A modest proposal

I have decided to agitate in favor of a law requiring the government of the United States to adopt the "accrual basis" form of accounting.

If a small business used the "cash basis" form of accounting, it would never get any bank to loan it money. If a major corporation tried to use the "cash basis" form of accounting, the government would not permit it. But, that same government shamelessly perpetrates the most egregious accounting legerdemain every day of the year, lies to our faces about it and then DEMANDS more funding. When you think about it - it really is utterly outrageous. it's our money and future on the line; we must wake up and realize that we've got to get involved before the whole thing collapses under the weight of all the do-gooding socialist pipe dreams we've concocted over the last 75 years.

Make the government account for stuff the way it makes everyone else account for it. Then we'll see the reality of the situation we face. Politicians lie to us because they think we don't know - and don't want to know - the real situation. If we want to maintain a government "of the people", we have to know. The good news is, once we know, the politicians will realize that they don't have to lie to us anymore.


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