Monday, September 17, 2007

La la la la la...I don't hear you!

Today, we yell, "No blood for oil!" But, what happens if we lose that oil? What if we do what we say we ought to do? Will we then pat ourselves on the back for a good job? I think not. Economic collapse would be the result. Or, I suppose we could go back to drilling for oil and mining coal all over the U.S. Oh, but that's right, we want a pristine environment, don't we? Well, which do we want? Will we suffer nobly for our principles?

No, we won't. We will demand that the government *fix* the economy so we can have jobs. We will sell out our principles the moment we can't afford that new car or flat screen TV.

We want it both ways, but are too stupid to know what we're really asking for. Behind the smiles and soothing platitudes, our overlords in the political class are saying this:

"You want cheap gas? You want full employment? Then just look the other way while the government gets you what you asked for.

You want a job that pays well? Fine, just keep your mouth shut when we protect the business community from competition and guarantee them high profits so they'll do what YOU say you want.

You want universal, affordable health care? Great. But, don't say a word when we tell you to wait six months for an MRI - or that it's now against the law to go outside of the "National Healthcare System" - or that we're now going to dictate to you how much you can weigh, what you can eat...essentially, how to live your life.

You want a better life than your parents? Then just keep quiet when we go out and use our military to insure that the world is a safe place for us to do business."

You can't have it both ways - but the government will never tell you that. In fact, when someone does have the guts to tell you that, you lazily raise your head from "your" government's teat and warn him to shut up - then go right back on greedily sucking.

Do you want all our troops home? Or, do you want a good paying job? Because, you know, you really CAN'T have it both ways.

Sucks, huh?


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