Sunday, November 11, 2007

NRA - sell out?

I just cannot get over how many people in the 'Right-to-Keep-and-Bear-Arms' (RKBA) movement simply do not get the idea that politics is the name of the game we're playing - and thus, we can't have things all our own way all the time. There are actually people who think that the NRA is a sell-out because they "allow" unfavorable laws to get passed. These same people are incensed that the NRA actually lobbies on behalf of certain "gun control" laws. These people would lose the entire game very quickly if they were allowed to control the strategy on our side of the argument. Should the NRA stay involved in the process - and try to make the best of a bad situation - even though it is clear that the votes are there to pass a stupid, pointless law? Or, should it say, "Well, we simply have to stop it!" and use up precious political (and financial) capital in a doomed effort? There simply isn't enough money or leverage to do everything. You've got to pick your battles.


Anonymous Alex said...

Just because "politics is the name of the game" doesn't mean we have to play the game in a docile manner - our opponents certainly don't!

I've been an NRA Life Member for over 15 years and, had I realized how "defensive" with regards to our gun rights they are, I wouldn't have sent them a nickel.

This "game" is always the same: the anti-gunners pro-actively sponsor legislation that attacks our rights then the NRA puts out the revolving red light urging us to send $$$ to fight "the Big One". (I try not to think of the robot on Lost In Space exclaiming, "Warning! Warning! Danger, Will Robinson!")

I've never understood why the, supposedly powerful NRA doesn't go on the attack and pro-actively use their influence to have legislation passed to turn back some of the laws on the books? It seems they would rather spend their (my) money on slick, glossy magazines and gala functions rather than stay true to the fight.

I can't get a refund of my Life Member dues so I'll content myself with the magazine while returning every mass-mailed appeal for "much needed funds" with an empty envelope.

And I'm joining the Gunowners Of America tomorrow.

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