Tuesday, June 12, 2007

God Bless the Internet

Having read four or five recent articles, it seems that "Global Warming!!" is now well on its way to being debunked.

"Global Warming!!" (as opposed to 'Global Warming' - which is happening - it's just not our fault) was adopted almost a decade ago by the socialist organs of world media as a literally "holy" cause, the advancement of which was a sacred duty.

Now, however, due to the influence of interloping web loggers the scientific underpinnings of this apocalypse have been demonstrated - for all with the intellectual honesty to admit it - to be incomplete at best and wholly fictitious at worst.

I do despair at times when I see and hear and read the shamelessness with which "World Socialism" is promoted by the world's media. But today, I feel optimistic that the internet is going to prove too much for even the most repressive of regimes. Unless your country has no electricity, the internet can and will allow you to find the other story - the one the government doesn't want you to hear. China is going to find this out. Russia is going to find this out. Maybe, perhaps, even benighted North Korea will gain access to the truth. Africa, however, is the one place on Earth where the old rules still apply and will for decades to come. Africa will be the next great flash-point.

Nietzsche said, "There are no facts, only interpretations." That idea frightens many people; it need not. Governments don't suppress facts so much as they suppress interpretations. Just to see and know that your interpretation is not all alone is enough to give hope to those who, while suffering, look forward towards a day of liberation.


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