Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Letter to Senators Specter and Casey

Please, PLEASE! Secure the border.

To not secure the border during a time of war is INSANITY.
For a Socialist Welfare State such as ours to have open, unchecked immigration is INSANITY.

My wife, my friends and I all agree that we don't care about the illegals already in the country. We didn't enforce the laws, that's our bad. But going forward we must secure the border. Further, we don't care about the economic dislocation that *MAY* occur as a result of securing the border. Just secure the border. Please.

We don't understand why you feel it necessary to keep what you consider the truth from us and we REALLY don't like being misled because you - and the rest of the Senate - feel you cannot tell us the truth. Secure the border.