Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Well, back to politics...

It has already started: George Bush ‘lost’ North Korea. Those who claim that the current administration failed to stop Kim Jong Il are the same ones who rant about our war of conquest in Iraq (which, incidentally, is the only one of the original axis of evil which does not and will not have a nuke). And when pressed for a plan of their own, these same people point to the feckless, nay, reckless 1994-style diplomacy of Messrs. Clinton, Albright and Carter which resulted in the ‘agreement’ whereby NK was allowed to go about developing nukes so long as they did it quietly and didn’t embarrass the U.S. Then there is South Korea which is more afraid of Northern refugees than of being nuked. There was a time when I could laugh at antics like these. That time is long gone now. These people should go buy the World at War and watch it.


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