Thursday, June 22, 2006

Again and again and again...

Until the assholes remember...

1981-3: Saddam uses chemical and or biological weapons on Iranian troops

1988: Saddam uses chemical/biological weapons on Iraqi Kurds

1991: Upon entering Baghdad, U.N. and U.S. weapons inspectors are horrified to find a nuclear weapons program they estimate to be no more than 18 months from a test device.

1991 - 2002: Saddam Hussein refuses to fully comply with U.N. weapons inspectors and does not account for all the chemical/biological agents he admitted to having. He merely claims, "They're gone."

But George W. Bush is the bad guy because we didn't find any WMD? What about the hundreds of artillery shells we've found filled with mustard gas and sarin? Oh, well those aren't really chemical weapons say the BDS sufferers like Kos and Atrios.



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