Friday, June 09, 2006

Education is expensive

Well, it seems that the Dixie Chicks new album is gathering dust on shelves all over America and their tour is about to be cancelled because no one is buying tickets.

I think it instructive to use these young ladies to illustrate some of what is wrong in America today:

Yes, you have the right to free speech and yes, you can use your prominence to promote a political agenda.

However, whereas we live in a (currently) capitalist society, it does not behoove one to repudiate and belittle the cultural norms and moral outlook of those whom you would have as customers.

Further, it ought not come as a great surprise that having thus insulted potential customers, they refuse to purchase your product and/or service.

I am unaware if these young ladies blame the President for their current troubles, but if they do, then they have again failed Marketing 101 and will need to repeat it yet again - or drop out.


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