Friday, June 09, 2006

Don't worry we'll handle this...

So, New Jersey is thinking of passing a bill to ban protests at military funerals.

The impetus for this is the disgusting displays mounted by followers of a particular fundamentalist Christian minister, Fred Phelps, who believes that our society's acceptance of homosexuality is the reason our soldiers are dying in Iraq.

Now, nobody wants to be rid of these protests more than I; but, why is it the job of the legislature to fix this?

What does it say about our way of thinking today that any time there is a problem, we immediately seek a law to protect us?

My guess is that the nannies in Trenton are saying to themselves, “Well, if we don’t do something, there is going to be trouble and somebody is going to get hurt.”

I don’t know about anyone else, but, as for me – I’m thinking that sometimes we need to have trouble and sometimes people need to get hurt. Sadly, this is often the only way we learn.

These protesters have the right to free speech. Grieving families have the right to a dignified funeral service. Let the people work out the details.

If just one family walked over to these ass-clowns, grabbed their signs and hit them over the head with them, we would likely see no more of this sort of thing. And we sure as hell wouldn’t need legislation - which stays on the books forever and can be misused by the state.

Peace whenever practicable.


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