Monday, May 22, 2006

In case you're wondering

People with whom I've spoken who support gun control always ask, "Why does the NRA oppose even small increases in gun control?"

The answer is this: The proponents of gun control are in an all or nothing fight. They either don't understand the end game of gun control, or, they won't admit it. But no matter how they bob and weave, there can only be one end for gun control - a comprehensive ban on the private ownership of firearms.

Let's look at the gun control idea du jour: one-handgun-a-month (OGM). Like every other gun control scheme, this is supposed to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and psychopaths. Unfortunately, also like every other gun control scheme, it only affects those who obey the law. Thus, if Philadelphia implements an OGM, the bad guys will go outside the city to get them. If Pennsylvania implements OGM, people will go out of state to get them. So, what do we do then? Obviously, the federal government needs to impose a nationwide OGM law. But what if that doesn't bring down crime? Will they say it didn't work and we should repeal the law? No, silly, we need to stop selling handguns in the U.S. But what if rifles and shotguns pick up the slack? Naturally, we need to stop selling rifles and shotguns. Then, when people still die, they'll tell us that we need to confiscate those guns still in private hands. Thus we see the ineluctable end of "gun control".

This is not arguing the slippery slope. This is over forty years of fact.

Gun control is a fallacy. It has never worked. It never will work. It CANNOT work because you will never get rid of the guns.

We need to ask why places like D.C. with a complete ban on the ownership of handguns has the eighth highest murder rate in the nation. We need to ask how New York City went from the top five to #140.

The real problem is political correctness. To truly understand the problem is to necessarily point a finger at the communities where this slaughter is taking place. But, according to the political and academic classes that would be racist and an exercise in blaming the victim. Until we start telling ourselves the truth, nothing will get better. NOTHING.

God save the Republic.


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