Monday, June 05, 2006

La la la la...I can't hear you!

The U.K. is the most violent developed country. That was the finding of a U.N. study that looked at violent crime throughout the world. The majority of murders are committed with knives and the problem is such that members of Parliament have introduced bills to ban the private ownership of knives in an effort to staunch the flow of blood.

Interesting, is it not, that here in the U.S., the National Rifle Association has been saying for over 125 years that behavior is the problem. If the behavior is not addressed, then whatever tool is at hand will become an "instrument of crime".

It is also "interesting" (by that I mean illustrative and disheartening) that the U.K., which has banned handguns and strongly regulates long guns, now proposes to enact the same ineffective, liberty denying, band-aid style "solution" to the "knife problem".

The knife has a long history in the U.K. - especially Scotland - and the obtuseness of those who claim that NOW it has become a problem is quite simply staggering.

They've banned guns - and now knives are popular.

Ban knives and cricket bats will replace them.

Ban cricket bats and...well, you get the picture. At what point does common sense reenter the picture? When will we say: Our values have become corrupted and our acceptance of aberrant behavior must cease.

This is about the U.S. as well. Those who advocate gun control don't have a clue about human nature or the mechanics of incentives.

Whenever this is pointed out to them they just raise their collective voice. This is why I will never permit any further abridgment of my right to self-defense. No matter how well intentioned or how awful the mayhem in our inner cities becomes, my rights are not what's wrong with our society.


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