Tuesday, September 13, 2005

What to think?

It is cliche - and right now somewhat insensitive - to say that in Chinese, the 'word' for tragedy is composed of two characters: Wei - which means, roughly, "danger" and Ji - which is frequently translated as "opportunity".

But despite the horror and loss of Katrina, good things are happening. And, while I expect it to take years, I believe that many peoples' lives will have been improved by this event.

Among the best things to come out of New Orleans' agony are the stories about the successful efforts of Target, WalMart and many other PRIVATE companies to get supplies to those affected, while local, state and federal officials dithered and bickered about authority and jurisdiction.

With any luck, we'll see an "A-ha!" realization among the people that we don't need the federal government as much as they want us to think we do.


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