Friday, June 24, 2005

Could it be…good?

Yesterday’s decision by the Supreme Court which clearly and brazenly demonstrates the primacy of the Government over the people should come as no surprise. Decisions like Kelo do not come out of thin air but are the result of a long process.

“In a democracy, personal liberties are rarely diminished overnight. Rather, they are lost gradually, by acts of well-meaning people, with good intentions, amid public approval. But the subtle loss of freedom is never recognized until the crisis is over and we look back in horror. And then it is too late."

~Judge Andrew Napolitano, October 2001

When the government says it is doing something for “The Good of The People” - I always ask myself: Who are “The People”? Are “The People” not an aggregate of individuals? And if so, how can something detrimental to all the individuals in society, namely, the severe curtailment of individual property rights, possibly be considered “good” for them?

There is, however, some small reason for optimism.

I believe that many putatively “Liberal” Americans have awoken to realize what the Liberal orthodoxy hath wrought in this country over the last seventy years. People are now dimly aware that they do not enjoy the same freedoms that their parents did. The realization is slowly dawning that they themselves have been complicit in the theft of their own Liberty.

And every day, more and more people are standing up and saying, “Enough!”

The Kelo decision will, I believe, accelerate this ‘awakening’.

In this regard, I view it as a positive development.


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