Friday, October 07, 2005

I just don't understand...


By demonstrating that disparate tribes and religious sects can get along and

By demonstrating that pluralistic states under the rule of law create vibrant economies that raise the people’s standard of living and

By reminding the world that democracies usually get along and rarely fight and

By demonstrating that stable societies temper and moderate extremism

The successful creation of a democratic, Islamic republic in Iraq would be a huge step toward a resolution of the tribal and religious turmoil that afflicts the Middle East.

With the above as preface, I ask myself why the media and political left in this country are doing their level best to frustrate - and bring about the failure of - our efforts in Iraq.

One would think that such a worthwhile goal would garner universal support. But, it does not.

I think I understand why, though.

Those who consider the President a moron, those who consider themselves so much more educated and intelligent than the President and who predicted failure from the get-go cannot allow themselves to be wrong. Their egos will not permit it. And, if George W. Bush, of all people, is right and they wrong – it will be an unendurable humiliation. They, therefore, cannot let him be right. They would rather create civil war in Iraq than allow the President to be right.

There are no words adequate to express my disgust of those who act in such a petty and vindictive manner.

May Almighty God see our efforts through to a happy completion.


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