Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Well, that would explain it...I guess...

It can only be the case that the Editorial Boards of the Philadelphia Inquirer/Daily News (They are essentially the same newspaper)are given their "positions" from some one or some group at Knight-Ridder. Knight-Ridder, in turn, must get them from the Democratic Party. What must happen is, any failure to disseminate the propaganda as dictated results in censure and potential ostracism from orthodox journalism...a 21st century version of excommunication from mother church.

That is the only explanation that makes any sense to me.

Why else would seemingly intelligent and articulate people continue to spew utterly discredited, old left-wing propaganda no matter how many facts and reasoned arguments are arrayed against them? Why would people expose themselves thus to ridicule?

It's high time we told the truth here.

The Democratic Party of the United States no longer exists. It has been replaced by the Socialist Party - in all but name. So, henceforth, I will refer to the Democratic Party of the United States by its more accurate title: The Socialist Party of The United States.

This helps explain why their acolytes, like our friends Knight-Ridder, in the "Main Stream Media" (MSM) continue to push the propaganda. Propaganda is the all time favorite tool of Socialists; they firmly believe that if you tell a lie big enough for long enough - it becomes the truth.

Which brings me back to The Philadelphia Inquirer/Daily News and their (and my) old hobby horse: Gun Control.

Again and again and again and again...

They trot out the Socialist three-fold strategy for dealing with criminal violence:

1. Demand more Government money to "fix" the inner cities.

(And raise taxes on "the rich" to pay for it.)

2. Demand more Gun Control to stem the tide of violence.

(violence which was largely caused by the disintegration of the family fomented by their failed policies!)

3. Demonize the NRA as idiots or lunatics.

(Indeed, anyone who opposes their policy prescriptions is to be labeled "out of the main stream" and vilified as a "right-wing extremist")

No matter how many times you remind them of FACTS like:

- There are, currently, over 28,000 private citizens in the City of Philadelphia who hold legal permits to carry concealed firearms...and the crime rate among these people is so low that the Philadelphia Police Department doesn't even track it!!

- Serious, comprehensive "gun control" schemes have been tried and have done nothing to stem violence. The City of Washington D.C. has essentially forbidden the ownership of ANY firearm since 1976...since which time it has perennially been among the top five worst cities for murders. New York City has had very strict "gun control" for decades, but their crime rate went down only after innovative policing policies were tried. The gun laws didn't change.

- Jens Ludwig, one of the foremost gun-control advocates in academia has admitted that guns - sometimes by their mere presence or even implied presence - prevent or stop the commission of approximately two million crimes every year in the U.S.

- Crime rates have steadily decreased over the last 15 years even as gun ownership and concealed carry permit rates have steadily risen.

-Finally, how does the introduction of another law stop a problem that, from beginning to end and at every juncture in between, is already illegal?

I used to slap my forehead and ask myself, "Why don't they get it!?"

I was told something several years back that literally took my breath away: Guns represent individual power - and with it, individual responsibility. Socialism is the antithesis of those two ideas. Therefore, according to Socialist doctrine, it is NECESSARY for the populace to be unarmed. They must be utterly beholden to - and dependent upon - the State. Therefore, we see clearly that gun control isn't about's about control.

It's not that they don't get it...they WON'T get it.

The apparatchiks atop the Socialist/Democratic Party...and by extension the people on the editorial boards of newspapers like the Philadelphia Inquirer/Daily News are not interested in actually fixing things...far from it. If things improve - if people figure out that they don't need the government to succeed, the government money spigot may get turned off...and a lot of people might find themselves out of power and out of a job. Thus, they have a vested interest in keeping things in Philadelphia BAD. But, of course, they must look like they're doing something, mustn't they?

Every time I read the Philadelphia Inquirer/Daily News I am convinced anew that I'm right.

The collectivist social and fiscal policies of the last forty years will (not may...WILL) destroy Philadelphia and other cities. Only a few will ever know the real reasons why it happened. The editorial board of the Philadelphia Inquirer/Daily News bears no little responsibility for this.

In the meantime, like Sisyphus, I'll keep rolling my stone up the hill - telling them what they don't want to hear and trying my best to be impossible to ignore.

I continue to write letters to the editor, but they rarely get published. You see, while a Professor Kairys of Temple University gets 2500 words to tell us why we should ban guns, someone writing in get 250 tops, to rebut him. This effectively cuts off debate even as they claim to be providing equal time.

God save the republic.


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