Wednesday, April 27, 2005

This is no easy task...Part 1

What I have always felt...always "known" in my gut is this:

Collectivism of any sort is the wrong way to go.

I understand the need for helping the poor, but have always feared the hand of the government.

I have rarely been able to adequately articulate an argument that would capture the attention of those of my friends who lean toward the "welfare state" collectivism side of the argument.

This series of postings will be an argument against governmental interposition in the social arrangements of a people.

I understand fully that a return to the "laissez faire" doctrine would be a mistake, but the balance is - today - overweighted toward the government.

I intend to lay out a systematic plan for the reduction of government in our lives.

I have read the Declaration of Independence and know full well that under our own elected government today we daily suffer indignities much worse than any King George could envisage.

This is a call to action.

Should it fail, I will consider a call to arms.


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