Sunday, April 03, 2005

Requiescat in Pacem

John Paul II is gone.

There were three people of the West whose efforts to stop Communism were of the greatest magnitude:

Ronald Reagan, Pope John Paul II and Margaret Thatcher.

Only Lady Thatcher remains.

It is almost de rigeur to say of them that, "we shan't see their kind again".

Fortunately, that is not true. We have one of their breed currently in the White House...and the world is much better for it.

I get down sometimes when I think about how easy a life the enemies of freedom have: They have only to say, "I want to help" and whatever policies or programs they put forward are enthusiastically embraced by those who have been taught to let others do their thinking for them.

It is quite dispiriting.

Then, out of nowhere - seemingly - comes one such as John Paul II or G.W. Bush who holds fast to his convictions in the face of unmitigated hatred from self-appointed "intellectuals" - people for whom logical consistency is the mark of an inferior mind.

Since these vitriolic harpies are the ones who control the mass media the world over, it is nothing short of miraculous that Communism was conquered and that freedom is taking root all over the globe.

What John Paul gave people was a clear statement:

"This is right, this is wrong, this is where we stand and we will not change our convictions, period."

John Paul II never tailored his message to conform with the results of a poll.

You may not agree with the Catholic Church, but at least you know where you stand.

How often can we say that in 2005 America?


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