Saturday, March 26, 2005

As you sow, so shall you reap

Recently, a Paris court upheld the insider trading conviction of Billionaire and Socialist George Soros. The irony of this is simply too irresistible to let pass.

This is a man who has been convicted of "cutting corners" ethically in his business dealings. He has been shown up as someone who considers his desired outcomes to be above the mere rule of law. In other words, he knows whats best...for all concerned...and how dare the law interfere with him.

THIS is the man who wants to bring a collectivist, socialist government to power in the United States. Why? Because HE knows best. If only we would listen to him...and do what he and his annointed minions tell us to...why, then there would be universal happiness and fulfillment.

George Soros is typical of the collectivist Left. THEY and only they know what's best. We, the mere taxpayers, ought to be grateful that people as enlightened as he take our money and rule us. And anyone ungrateful enough to complain will quickly find himself in a re-education camp. Believe it.


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