Friday, April 28, 2006

I shouldn't admit this, but...

Oh, well, I guess I shouldn't be surprised at my feelings. I've recently realized that I'm now living in the country formerly known as the United States of America.

The sad truth is that I sometimes wish that Al Qaeda had detonated a nuclear bomb in New York. If that had happened, we wouldn't be having any discussion today concerning what the President knew about Iraqi WMDs; or how well treated the detainees at Gitmo are, or whether the CIA is sending people to other countries to have them tortured, would we?


We would be more united than at any time in our history and we would be making God damned sure that ANYONE representing even the remotest threat to us was killed or put someplace where they could be closely monitored.

I am now convinced that we, in this country, have become too rich, too well fed and too educated to long survive.

When college educated Americans call our treatment of detainees at Guantanamo Bay 'torture', they literally re-define the word. Only someone completely and willfully ignorant of history could call it that.

But you can't argue with these people. Not only can't they argue - lacking any facts, they WON'T argue. No matter how many facts you give them, they refuse to be educated. They have convinced themselves that their feelings are facts and as such - are incontrovertible.

After years of demonizing the people who are trying to keep us safe, the left (stuck in a 1968 mindset) looks like it has convinced enough people that it will be put back into power here. Thus, I fear I may get my wish. When you combine the Main Stream Media, Hollywood, Academia and the Democratic Party - you have a sure-fire recipe for 9/11 the sequel

God save the Republic. (With apologies to Col. Jeff Cooper, USMC (ret.) for stealing this tag line)


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