Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Commonsense Gun Control

Since 99+% of all guns used in crime originate from a legal purchase, the way to stop gun crime is this:

Only sell guns to college educated white people who live in upscale suburban communities. Since these people and their communities are statistically the safest and have the lowest crime, they should be the only ones to get guns.

What's that? Not fair, you say? But if the idea is to stop the killing, then what other considerations matter?

I'll tell you this much - if we did it that way, those communities wouldn't stay safe for very long. Why is that, you ask?

I weary of saying it, but people still don't seem to understand it, so here I go again:

Where there is demand, there WILL be supply. That is a law of economics and it is as immutable as the law of gravity.

Reduce the demand and you reduce the supply. The only way to reduce demand is culturally. Bill Cosby is the one speaking truth to power these days. We need more like him. Re-introduce a reverence for life and a respect for the law to the inner city and things will improve. There is no other way to do it.

Read my lips: NO. OTHER. WAY.

The Congress could pass a law tomorrow banning the private ownership of all firearms and it wouldn't have any noticeable impact on the high crime areas of this country. NONE. Well, actually that's not true - things would get worse. Much worse.

Don't believe me? Ask a Londoner what his gun crime rate is. They banned the sale and private possession of hand guns and confiscated them all in 1997. Check out their gun control utopia.

Gun control is just mental masturbation posing as action.
But, Mike Bloomberg and John Street look like they play with it - a lot.


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