Sunday, March 06, 2005

Hypocrisy...thy name is liberalism

I was thinking about things in Philadelphia that frost me. Perhaps the most egregious and disgraceful episode of "leftist" shenanigans is the whole Mumia Abu Jamal situation. This is someone who is as guilty as guilty can be. His case has been reviewed up and down the judicial ladder repeatedly; no prosecutorial misconduct has ever been found. No miscarriage of justice took place. Nevertheless, fringe whack-jobs (including the mayor of Paris) still clamor for his release. Let's face the facts: Those who agitate for the release of Mumia Abu Jamal do so not because he is innocent, but precisely because he IS guilty. These people want him released as a form of apology to the "black" community for past injustices. Justice for these people is political in origin and applies to groups rather than individuals. This kind of thinking is the same as that which brought the world Gulags and re-education camps. So, what do we do? Very simple: EXECUTE MUMIA ABU JAMAL, NOW!!! When we do, mark my words: his "supporters" will forget him within a week and move on to some other poster child they think can advance their agenda. This is the way collectivists think.


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