Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Philadelphia Freedom...not

I recently had a discussion with the owner of a restaurant in Philadelphia. During the course of this discussion my head nearly exploded from the sudden, dramatic increase in blood pressure caused by the litany of licenses and permits required to run a small business. I look at Philadelphia and I see a very sick patient. Yet, there is none who will SERIOUSLY discuss the problems. Our mayor, the dishonorable John Street and the motley assortment of political/criminal hacks who comprise our city council and government (I herewith exempt certain unnamed - for now - individuals who merely serve as the exceptions that prove the rule) have ONLY one interest: the acquisition and maintenance of POWER. The problems of Philadelphia are not difficult to fix, unless you are wedded to the idea of collectivism and the patronage power that such a system grants to those who are in key positions. I could fix Philadelphia in one year. Make no mistake, there would be "nasty medicine" to take and some heads would have to be knocked together, but inside of one year, I could fix the top ten of Philadelphia's problems (or at least do a MUCH better job than any of the last TEN administrations). Of course, the power I would need to do this job would have to come from the people...and therein lies another entry. :)


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